Introducing SNPS Shift: The Ultimate Rostering Solution

Maximize Efficiency and Empower Your Team with SNPS Shift’s Intuitive Scheduling

Native Mobile Applications for Seamless Scheduling

Our solution harnesses the power of mobility by offering native mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Your staff can effortlessly submit their preferred schedules on the go, providing them with the flexibility to balance their work-life commitments.

Intelligent Optimization at Your Fingertips

What sets SNPS Shift apart is the ‘Optimization’ feature. Shop managers can now tap into the power of smart rostering with just the press of a button. Our advanced algorithm considers staff preferences, business requirements, and optimal resource utilization to generate the most efficient roster. This not only enhances staff satisfaction but also drives business efficiency.

Listed and Available on Android and iOS Platforms

We are proud to announce that SNPS Shift’s mobile platform will be listed on both Android and iOS, making it accessible to a wider audience. Whether your staff prefers an Android device or an iPhone, they can download the SNPS Shift application and stay connected with the scheduling needs of your business.