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Synapse innovation is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) composed of nearly 200 employees with 4 offices located in Japan and the UK.
We have over 30 years of history as a trusted IT vendor both in Japan and internationally. We have been contributing to the IT industry as a customer-focused team of certified consultants and engineers. Our experiences and expertise deliver value-based solutions, addressing the needs of our customers and partners.
We are one of the few companies that can connect information systems and devices seamlessly by using the know-how of software development and the development of control systems.
As an ISV, we provide our customers with optimal solutions. We are not dependent on one maker but instead provide a platform to connect any hardware or software maker.

Chief Executive Officer: Shigeo Fujimoto


Our Company Philosophy

The ‘Sanpo-Yoshi‘ principle means 3 way satisfaction.
To us, this means that business should not only benefit the buyer and the seller but also society as a whole.
Sanpo-yoshi is a business concept that emerged from the experiences of the merchants who engaged in trade with other regions of the country.

Synapse Innovation mission
Synapse Innovation mission:

Our mission is to connect anything with our IT technology, innovate, and expand it to the world.

Working at Synapse Innovation

At Synapse Innovation, we are always looking for new colleagues to join us.

We offer the opportunity to join a growing company committed to offering equal opportunities.
We select people for employment entirely on merit.

We provide our employees the support and guidance to succeed,
grow and be successful.

We are interested in candidates from all career levels, from all nationalities and can accept new challenges and deliver to the highest standards while maintaining our company philosophy of Sampo-Yoshi.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us
via our Japanese website.

The Synapse Innovation Graduate Program

At Synapse Innovation we have a program to help graduates gain work experience. As part of our Sampo-Yoshi philosophy, we believe it is important to give a new generation the best start in their careers.

Internships and Graduates
The participation of our Graduate Program can be during studies as part of an internship or gap year. We have welcomed international interns from Europe, North America Africa, and Asia, some have joined Synapse Innovation as full-time employees.

We also an annual intake program to recruit graduates as full-time employees and recruit graduates from universities all over the world.

As members of the program, we can offer graduates mentorship, experience and skills to be successful in the workplace.

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