Shigeo Fujimoto<br>(CEO)
Shigeo Fujimoto

Over 20 years of experience working as a system engineer
16years as a CEO
Since he became a CEO, he made major innovations that built today’s Synapse as a software maker.

Kyoji Igarasahi<br>(Vice president)
Kyoji Igarasahi
(Vice president)

5 years in Synapse.
Experience as an engineer.
Had worked in many companies
Major role in International business development

Masanori Ito<br>(VP-Director at SIL)
Masanori Ito
(VP-Director at SIL)

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, joined Japan’s first domestic management and strategy consulting firm.
Joined Corporate Direction (CDI). After obtaining an MBA from New York University,
After gaining experience as a manager, he has participated in many consulting projects at CDI and other firms.
He has been involved in planning business strategies for small and medium-sized companies and facilitating them at the execution stage.
He joined Synapse Innovation in November 2018, and is currently vice president and the director at SIL, mainly doing business planning. 

Adrian Gosbell<br>(Director)
Adrian Gosbell

Prior to joining Synapse Innovation in 2018, Adrian Gosbell held senior roles in a number of technology companies around the world. Currently based in Oxford, UK, he has spent the majority of his career working in international roles. 

He is also a director of the Synapse Innovation group company, Software Imaging Ltd. 

Yasunori ichikawa<br>(VP)
Yasunori ichikawa

4 years in synapse
Long experience in the robot industry in a field of factory automation machines.
Previously engaged in research and development of robot hand systems using low pressure driven small pneumatic actuators.
Engaged in overall design of production lines (automobiles, semiconductors, flat-screen TVs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, etc.), research and development of robot hand systems and robot arm systems
Leader of joint research and development with various universities including the University of Tokyo.
Own 6 patents with his own development and invention.