UMForce provides realtime integration wth existing and future applications, hardware devices, etc

Seamlessly connect and exchange realtime data with external systems and devices

  • Integrate existing and future applications, hardware devices and sensors by using the UMForce Platform to connect to UMForce
  • Remove inefficiencies from your processes cased by manual or duplicate data entry or data maintenance activities.
  • Increase the quality and accuracy of data by automating the transfer of data from external systems such as ERP, CRM, accounting/finance systems.
  • Integration of systems results in realtime, end-to-end data across your entire manufacturing process, enabling business efficiency and agility.
  • Connect to the hardware used in your manufacturing process, capture data from devices and sensors real-time and integrate them into your overall processes.
  • UMForce (Production/cost/sales and purchase management)
  • AI optimization (Production scheduling/ working shift optimization)
  • ERP/finance 
  • CRM/ Sales automation (Connection with Sales
  • Scheduler 
  • Visualization tool
  • 750 different devices and robot (by using IoT data server)

Here are the possibles issues you can solve with the platform.