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With our experience in robots, IoT and similar technologies, we provide solutions to transform manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry often refers to terms such as Industry 4.0, smart factories, factory automation, digital transformation and so forth.

We can help make sense of these to deliver solutions that add business value.

UM Kaizen

A solution to integrate manufacturing data from multiple sources for analytics, process improvement and manufacturing optimization.

Monitor production staff

Identify variations in the work time of each process, review video footage and analyse against benchmark cycle times.

Interactive, dashboard displays of production metrics facilitate a methodical approach to identify the cause of variations in production.

analySe cycle times to help with the load balancing of cycle times

The variation in working time in each process can be reduced, and waste of work in process can be reduced.

Identify the production ‘pinch points’ where the introduction of automation could have the maximum effect.

If the introduction of equipment / robots is under consideration, UM Kaizen is the tool to help with selection.

Perform error analysis. and conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure the maximum ROI of the investment in tooling.

Integrate with multiple sensors and major PLCs such as Mitsubishi Electric, KEYENCE, and OMRON, and connect to
 existing equipment to use UM Kaizen.

Cycle Time Analysis

The variation of cycle time is displayed for each process.

What you can do with UM Kaizen

  • Automatically collects cycle time metrics for processes and manufacturing staff.
  • Visualization of manufacturing data. Dashboards enable the standard work time of the process to be clearly visible at a glance.
  • Automatic recording of human movements.
  • Compare the productivity of production staff with one click.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating waste and line balancing.
  • Visualize volume across shifts. Verify the effect of improvement activities at a glance.

Effective against COVID-19

  • The status of the production line can be remotely monitored.
  • Improvement instructions and work reports can be digitized using graphs and videos, it is possible to improve the site while avoiding close human contact.
  • Precise, realtime cycle time data is recorded, enabling a prompt response to changes in production demand.
  • Compare the movements and activities of workers using video, identify the opportunity for improvements and efficiently educate remotely.
  • Identify bottlenecks in processes and find the cause without the need to visit on site.
  • Manage multiple production lines and discover issues without having to move or travel.

Recommended for such work sites

There are variations in manual activities.
UM Kaizen is the solution to drive improvement.

  • Manual assembly work
  • Process using equipment that requires manual setup changes
  • Work sites where people sort and process workpieces

Our global alliance with DENSO WAVE

Our relationship wth DENSO WAVE stretches further than Japan, with projects throughout South East Asia and beyond. Using products such as IoT Data Server to integrate hardware devices to manufacturing software, we have helped customers increase quality and gain manufacturing efficiencies.

Reference Projects

LASI Project in Thailand

The Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI) project is an initiative from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Thai Ministry of Industry (MOI).

The objective of LASI is to provide a training facility to showcase manufacturing production lines for the next generation in Lean Automation.

As part of the alliance with DENSO WAVE, we provided software components to the project, helping it achieve the project goal of increasing production efficiency and reducing waste through the use of automation and information technology.


J VIND is our one-stop solution for managing manufacturing data.

J VIND uses a data integration controller to collect data from multiple production devices.

J VIND includes BI capabilities to help in the analysis of manufacturing data.

J VIND enables manufacturing data to be visualize through realtime dashboards, providing ‘up to the minute’ information to the entire organization.

J VIND can also be used for printed outputs, including labels, reports, manifests and so forth.

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