UMForces enables business to maximize the benefits of automation

Are you unsure how automation tech can benefit your business? 

  • A hardware failure in my production would be catastrophic for my business. 
  • Unless somebody is watching over our hardware, any problem takes time to be identified. 
  • Difficulties in identifying bottlenecks or similar weaknesses in the manufacturing process. 
  • A hardware failure requires a service engineer to come to my premises to resolve a hardware issue. 
  • Product quality is dependent on manual steps to visually inspect, measure products during manufacturing. 

Using automation in manufacturing can be expensive and challenging. New technologies require integration with existing and new systems, and need the acceptance from employees. 

IoT sensors and other devices can generate huge amounts of data, which needs to be analysed and any appropriate actions defined. 



UMForce is the platform to integrate hardware, capture and effectively use data. Connecting devices is simplified by using IoT Data Server from DENSO WAVE, integrating with UMForce to use the captured data to maximum effect.

Synapse Innovation can utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to increase the value of collected data.

Are you unsure how automation tech can benefit your business? 

  • Capture real-time data from sensors to accurately measure manufacturing performance, providing accurate cost management and prediction. 
  • Continually maximize effectiveness based on captured data. 
  • Reduce unplanned production line stoppages by monitoring hardware. 
  • Enable proactive maintenance by predicting hardware failures

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