Real-time Manufacturing Information

Are you faced with these challenges?

  • A lack of accuracy in the costs to produce a product. 
  • Detailed profit margin information
  • Availability of production status
  • The need to duplicate data in and out of spreadsheets

Disconnected systems, manual processes, redundant data, the need for double entry, are all risks to the accuracy of data, and will compromise the effectiveness of any manufacturing process. 

Short communication lines between customer and supplier means customers expect quotes on costs and delivery times to be provided quickly and accurately, otherwise there is the risk of them taking their business to an alternative manufacturer. 


UMForce resolves costing challenges by providing the capability to accurately predict and manage profits and manufacturing costs. 

  • Detailed and flexible cost accounting enables the analysis of costs by customer or by product.
  • Identify the most profitable areas of the business, and therefore the areas that require the most attention.  
  • Real-time information on costs. 
  • Identify any unplanned costs, and minimize the impact by enabling action to be taken promptly. 

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