Connect IoT Devices with UMKaizen

Lean Manufacturing Solutions by UMKaizen

UMKaizen is an IoT platform that solves manufacturing problems through continuous improvement.

Two key manufacturing resources, people and technology can be optimized through the ongoing collection and analysis of manufacturing data.

UMKaizen connects technology such as machines, robots, and IoT devices and then collects and consolidates data.

UMKaizen also provides fully automated Cycle Time collection, machine monitoring, data analytics and leads the factory to make better decisions.

Strong Integration capabilities enables the collection and analysis of data from sources external to the Ultimate Manufacturing Platform.

Improve Efficiency Production Line with UMKaizen

by storing Cycle Time data and analyze the data from the machine, equipment, and IoT devices

  • Increased productivity by eliminating idle times and bottlenecks during production.
  • Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and leads to saving production cost.
  • Reduced Production waste during the manufacturing process.
  • Improved worker’s productivity and better communication.

Our global alliance with DENSO WAVE

Our relationship wth DENSO WAVE stretches further than Japan, with projects throughout South East Asia and beyond. Using products such as IoT Data Server to integrate hardware devices to manufacturing software, we have helped customers increase quality and gain manufacturing efficiencies.

Reference Projects

LASI Project in Thailand

The Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI) project is an initiative from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Thai Ministry of Industry (MOI).

The objective of LASI is to provide a training facility to showcase manufacturing production lines for the next generation in Lean Automation.

As part of the alliance with DENSO WAVE, we provided software components to the project, helping it achieve the project goal of increasing production efficiency and reducing waste through the use of automation and information technology.

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