UMForce enables the full control of inventory

Are these familiar problems? 

  • Effective inventory control is problematic due to the number of items we have to manage.
  • The actual inventory on-hand does not match the inventory details in our current system.
  • Inventory location details are often incorrect, or inaccurate. 
  • Ineffective management of excess inventory, expiry dates and so forth. 
  • Partially used materials are wasted. 

Excessive costs are one impact of the inefficient control of inventory, this could be caused from problems such as the inability to control partially used materials and subsequently identify what should be used first. 

Lack of inventory management can lead to unnecessary waste, which can also have environmental impacts in addition to the monetary cost.  

Location management of stock results can cost time, causing frustration for staff and potentially delaying delivery to customers. 

UMForce provides a solution to these problems by effectively controlling inventory, with the level of stock detail and granularity required for each particular item. 

  • Flexibly manage inventory to meet business requirements, rather than change business practices to match the system. 
  • Simplify complexities such as shared product numbers, multiple specifications and so forth.
  • Inventory location can be controlled with accuracy and detail. 
  • Control inventory waste by managing key item attributes such as expiry or use-by dates. 

The level of inventory detail can be easily defined and changed without the need for complicated and disruptive system changes. 

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