UMForce provides end to end traceability

Are you facing problems similar to these?

  • Inability to trace through the entire production process
  • A lack of detail to pinpoint the exact source of a production problem
  • Manual/paper-based steps to manage important details
  • Delays in responding to customer inquiries

Compliance to tracking and traceability needs within manufacturing can be challenging.  

Regulatory standards can be a concern due to traceability and reporting requirements, coupled with the need to comply with changing or multiple regulations. 

Manual processes to record and maintain manufacturing details are an administrative overhead causing unnecessary cost, delivery delay and potentially leading to errors.

Responding to inquiries from customers in a timely manner require research, taking time and effort, and cause disruption. 

UMForce will solve these problems, enabling focus on the manufacturing of high quality goods with end-to-end traceability, inspection management and therefore enabling production governance. 

  • Lot tracing enables the immediate identification of exactly where, when and what happened at all stages of the manufacturing process. 
  • Quality activities such as testing and inspections can be managed, results stored and easily retrieved.  
  • Customer complaints or queries can be resolved quickly and with minimal impact. 
  • Continuous improvement activities can be proactively taken by identifying areas for improvement. 

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