UMForce enables manufacturing automation

Do these obstacles affect your manufacturing?

  • Manual data entry to transfer information between systems
  • Errors caused by the data entry, poor or misread handwriting. 
  • A dependency on spreadsheets which have become mission-critical to the operation. 
  • Manufacturing data is manually composed from several sources. 
  • Responses to questions and inquiries are delayed while information is gathered from multiple sources. 

Manual steps in the management of manufacturing will reduce effectiveness. The quality of data is at risk, which compromises the accuracy of reporting and can waste time and effort to resolve. 

UMForce will overcome these obstacles, by integrating with existing systems, therefore automating any data exchange and eliminating manual steps. Data can be collected from all systems and displayed via real-time dashboards, providing up to the minute information on the exact manufacturing status. 

  • The automatic production of reporting information reduces input errors, and the time taken for corrective actions. 
  • Integrate with reading devices such as bar/QR code readers, optical recognition and similar technologies. 
  • Collect and visualize real-time data from the complete manufacturing process. 
  • Increase customer engagement by providing them with details of their order status.

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