Ultimate Manufacturing is simple to implement and maintain. For end users, it is intuitive and easy to use.

Typical ERP / System implementations have a bad reputation

  • They need a lot of ‘low-level’ configuration to meet my business needs
  • They are disruptive to our business. 
  • They take a long period of time. 
  • Once Installed, they are expensive to maintain and update is our business changes. 

Typical implementations are costly, taking time to configure to meet business needs and bring value to the organization. The (unattractive) alternative is to change the business operation to match the system, which requires ongoing change management within the business. 

Because the system set up is often carried out at by programming the system, it becomes time consuming to implement and test, and once completed can bring further complexities when implementing any future changes. 

A major concern can be any future upgrades to a new version, which can require a complete reimplementation including testing to match the original functionality. 

Ultimate Manufacturing is a solution made from multiple smaller modules. The modules are  implemented using our Lean Implementation methodology. The aim is to complete the implementation with minimal disruption to the business while managing time and cost. 

  • We work directly with the future users of the application as early in the project as possible, maximizing communications and engagement. 
  • Training includes ‘hands-on’ use of the application while it is being configured and tested. 
  • Our collaborative approach helps with change management and the acceptance of the new system. 
  • We maintain ongoing communications after the application is in production to ensure customers are able to gain maximum value from UMForce.   

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