Connect automation technology such as IoT devices, robots, and sensors

A trusted advisor, providing trusted solutions

With our experience in robots, IoT and similar technologies, we provide solutions to transform manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry often references terms such as Industry 4.0, smart factories, factory automation, digital transformation and so forth.

We can help make sense of these to deliver solutions that add business value.

Synapse Innovation has provided IoT solutions to customers all over the world.

Combined with our UK group company, Software Imaging Ltd we provide solutions to multiple domains.

Projects include including manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

Our solutions can integrate with external systems to maximize the return on previous investments and ensuring any future hardware or software investments can be fully incorporated.

Our ‘trusted advisor’ approach to engagement ensures project success while minimizing disruption to existing operations.

We can incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MI (Machine Learning) into our solutions to provide optimal outcomes to challenges across most industries.

Our global alliance with DENSO WAVE

Our relationship wth DENSO WAVE stretches further than Japan, with projects throughout South East Asia and beyond. Using products such as IoT Data Server to integrate hardware devices to manufacturing software, we have helped customers increase quality and gain manufacturing efficiencies.

Reference Projects

LASI Project in Thailand

The Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI) project is an initiative from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Thai Ministry of Industry (MOI).

The objective of LASI is to provide a training facility to showcase manufacturing production lines for the next generation in Lean Automation.

As part of the alliance with DENSO WAVE, we provided software components to the project, helping it achieve the project goal of increasing production efficiency and reducing waste through the use of automation and information technology.


J VIND is our one-stop service for managing manufacturing data.

J VIND uses a data integration controller collects data from multiple production devices.

J VIND includes BI capabilities to help in the analysis of manufacturing data.

J VIND enables manufacturing data to be visualize through realtime dashboards, providing ‘up to the minute’ information to the entire organization.

J VIND can also be used for printed output, including labels, reports, manifests and so forth.

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